An Interview with Namita Lad aka the_humble_yogini

Where are you from and/or where do you live?

I’m from Mumbai. I live in Pune as I work in an IT firm here.

How did yoga come into your life?

I have always been inclined towards yoga. But I wasn’t regular with my practice. I did attend a few workshops and classes. But in 2016 when I suffered from severe back pain and my physiotherapist suggested that I do bujangasana everyday to get rid of the issue I became regular. I then started practicing more and more new asanas and now I’m here.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

Regularly since 2016

Who were you before you started practicing and how have you changed, evolved and transformed?

 I used to be very short tempered person. I still get easily triggered but I feel after I started practicing yoga over changed for better. Even people around me can see that change. I have become more empathetic and more involved in understanding Indian culture or Hinduism and spirituality.

I’m at peace with myself and where I am.

Why did you decide to start teaching yoga and what qualities do you feel are important to build and work on as a yoga teacher?

I feel as yoga helped me in my crucial times, both physically and mentally, it can and will definitely help other people too and I want be a medium to introduce yoga in other people’s lives. 

As a yoga teacher I feel it’s not just the knowledge of asanas and anatomy is important but also the ability to communicate with students. Also be realistic and honest and set expectations upfront with students to avoid conflicts later on.

What has been your biggest struggle and your biggest milestone in the practice, in teaching, and within the yoga community?

It’s difficult to be consistent with practice considering the nature of my IT job and also personal commitments. 

My biggest milestone was getting a headstand. That was a far fetched dream which finally came true.

Catering to everyone’s need is a biggest challenge in group classes

The biggest milestone was when my student got her headstand even better than I could.

What has been the most inspirational moment you’ve experienced as a yoga student?

When my ashtanga teacher said he’s proud of me and my dedication.

What has been the most inspirational moment you’ve experienced as a yoga teacher?

When my students kept practicing and excelling in their asanas even after classes were over

Why do you practice?

Physically to get flexible, strong and be able to move

Mentally to get more peace and manage my emotions well 

And to start my spiritual journey 

Why do you teach?

To spread the benefits of yoga to more and more people 

Do you have any recommended yoga reading?

On meditation

All study books by Bihar publication

Through your own personal journey, what do you feel is your path and offering to the community- local and global?

To showcase yoga in its true nature and realistic approach than showing fancy instaworthy poses.

What’s your Favorite Book?

There are many.

I am very much interested in Japanese philosophy too

I love Ikigai, ichigo ichie and wabi sabi

Also loved reading On meditation by Sri M

The forest of enchantment 

What’s your favorite meal at a restaurant?

It depends on the mood 

What’s your favorite meal to make at home?

Daal chawal

What do you like to do for fun that’s non-yoga related?

Read books, dance, watch movies or play with my cat

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My dad 

Do you have a favorite podcast?


What’s your favorite quote/affirmation/mantra?

Everything happens for a reason

What is your life’s biggest question?

Who am I

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