Why I Started Practicing Yoga.

I saw my mother and elder sister practicing yoga, when i was 4 years old. My mom and sister did not tell me any benefits of practicing, or asked me to start with practice. Both of them started practicing regularly, mostly i saw my sister more while she was practicing asans, her practice was much more intense, I observed her and also started practicing with her. Whereas my mother was more focused on Pranayama.

My Mom bought one yoga book, and she started her yoga practice by reading and watching pictures, my mom used to read for me and guide me for some asan, which were tough and intense. After my practice I felt peaceful and inner relaxation. Even now i feel the same peace, relaxed and satisfied with the practice, the same feeling I want to offer to my students.

Yoga has taught me to focus on one thing at a time. I tried to do multi-task, I have observed that I create a mess with that task, so I started focusing on one task to complete it early and then go for another, in this way i started completing my work fast. I know some are really good at multi-tasking. I would suggest exploring yourself and going for what works for you just go for it.

My inspiration is Kino MacGregor, because of her youtube channel, i got to learn so much. I wanted to know, How Kino started her yoga journey? She had uploaded her podcast on Youtube. sometimes i also listen Podcast on Spotify “Yogaland”- Andrea Ferretti.

How my daily practice looks like

It depends on my energy level, if i am feeling energetic I go for Ashtanga practice, sometimes Hatha yoga , or sometimes I also go for restorative. And sometimes I just go for guided meditation. During menstruation i don’t practice, because i don’t feel due to crams.

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