My experience with Yoga Nidra

In this blog I will write about the reasons that drove me to choose this training, about my experience with Yoga Nidra and I will try to explain which is particularly appealing and valuable.

I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate that two years ago I attended a teacher training course, after our ashtanga practice at the end we did have a meditation class, which was conducted by Sadhushri ji. He has studied Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Upanishads, and Buddhist literature in depth. He taught different meditation, for me most relaxing was this Yoga nidra meditation. We had two sessions of yoga nidra which was so relaxing and felt peaceful after meditation. I would like to thank him personally, for his guidance which is developing my interest to learn more.

I am particularly interested in yoga nidra and relaxation techniques because I feel that people nowadays are so stressed out. Asanas and meditation are very beneficial but sometimes are out of reach for some people due to physical or mental obstacles. I realise that traditionally yoga nidra, savasana or other relaxation techniques should be preceded by asanas but in some cases deep relaxation could help in asanas practice that would be otherwise unachievable.

From Relaxation to Yoga Nidra

I became particularly interested in relaxation techniques and yoga nidra. After intense practice i was eagerly waiting for meditation class. Sadhushri ji started the session, i was listening to his instruction, trying to be aware of what was going on, he started with a relaxing body and mind. Then I had to state my resolve three times. Then we had a trip rotation of consciousness, moving awareness to different parts of the body. I almost slept over here. After some time i was able to hear Sadhushri ji’s voice, he was taking about visualization, A number of different places, things were said by him and we had to visualize it might be image or moving object. Some images/videos were coming in front of my closed eyes. then again we had a relaxation process, after that he ended the session.

My second session was better, i was able to be more aware, more focused during the practice. During visualization I felt, “I was actually over that place”.

How yoga nidra restores health

It is impossible to ignore the connection between the discoveries of modern brain researchers and those of the enlightened yogis who long ago evolved the practice of yoga nidra. Of course the yogic scientists of former ages did not devise this powerful technique merely as a means of alleviating diseases, but primarily as a way of attaining higher consciousness by expanding and liberating individual
awareness from its fixation within the physical body and its sensory modalities, towards the more subtle pranic, psychic and spiritual dimensions underlying gross material existence.

However, in the context of modem man suffering from stress-related diseases, it is sufficient to recognize that these originate out of excessive identification of the psyche with the soma or material body, through the medium of the sensory channels, leading to nervous depletion and even breakdown. In yoga nidra, this destructive psychosomatic tendency is effectively alleviated by the opposite somato-psychic route.

The psychosomatic imbalance is restored spontaneously due to liberation of prana or nervous energy, which is withdrawn from the sensory channels and modalities as pratyahara is attained. This energy is redirected for healing and rejuvenation of overtaxed tissues, glands and organs.

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